Air Pollution of Dhaka and Risk of Corona Virus

The world is now facing the ultimate threat of new pandemic COVID-19, Corona virus. Each day  is passing and bringing the tragic death news from all over the world. This virus can be the reason of destruction of civilization from a place.  Pandemic is just a term, meaning worldwide distributed. WHO has confirmed Corona as pandemic which has origin from China, but it has been spread all over the world and struck many countries really hard. Bangladesh has confirmed as well that the people could not be able to escape from this virus too.

This is not first time, Bangladesh is dealing with epidemic. There was a time when Cholera had killed large number of people from village to village. But Corona is more dangerous because it is more contagious ( a single person can spread among 2.6 people) and the symptoms are not identified at early stage. However, when people learn they are infected, it may be too late for some people, specially for elderly and people with respiratory problems. Here comes the more concerned issue for Bangladesh or we can say for Dhaka people as air pollution in Dhaka has caused respiratory problems for great number of people. This year multiple days air quality has been identified as hazardous and number of people with respiratory problems are increasing day by day. Experts are really concerned that Corona can bring extreme causality. The city life has been dependent on a life style which is creating more pollution and the authority is also unable to address the problem. Our urban design, daily activity and relation between them can make us more susceptible to high health risk for Corona. We may breath in hazardous air for several days but this time it may bring hazardous impact which we have not expected at all.

Coronavirus_ As experts warn air pollution can elevate health risks, should Dhaka worry_ The Daily Star

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