About Us

Forum for Physical Development of Bangladesh 

Forum for Physical development (FPD) was founded in 2009, is an association which has started its journey to represent the ideas and suggestions of professionals in the various fields of Physical development.

This Organization is a voluntary, non-profitable, non-political, non-Government platform for professionals for research and development. It aims at developing the socio economic, cultural and technical capacity of the society ensuring good governance through advocacy.


  • To ensure support from professionals for physical development of the country.
  • To increase awareness of the people regarding the development issues and their techniques.
  • To organize research on specific subjects.
  • To identify technological gaps and potentials of any development activities
  • To organize discussion, seminars, symposiums, workshop, trainings, exhibitions, public hearing with the participation of professionals and experts
  • To publish research results, minutes and discussion summaries through print and electronic media.


We will collect the findings (data/information) of the study from experienced and expert professionals of the field. Then the knowledge will be shaped through successive Round Table Conferences, Seminars, and Workshops. FPD will compile and review the findings collected from various professionals through a working group. Concerned experts will be incorporated in the working group. That working group may further conduct a detailed research on that particular issue. At last, we publish those study findings.If any concerned agency feels interest on our study findings, we will share our research works with them. If required we may formulate further study to comply with the requirement of concerned agency.

Founder Members of FPD 

Research Unit of FPD 

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