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Affordable Homes for All

Affordable housing is prior right to every citizen. “Affordable” indeed is right word to address current problem. We know how maximum citizens are fighting to have one affordable house. The Daily Star arranged a round table discussion focusing on this issue bringing different tiers of responsible people connected with this issue. FR Khan, Managing Director, bti; DR Ishrat Islam, Professor, Department of urban and regional planning, BUET; DR MD Akter Mahmud, Vice President, Bangladesh Institute of Planners; Mominul Islam, Managing Director & CEO IPDC Finance Ltd; Arif Khan, CEO & MD, IDLC Finance; Syed Mahbubur Rahman, Chairman, ABB, and CEO & MD, Dhaka Bank; Khawaja Shahriar, MD, LankaBangla Finance; Rahel Ahmed, CEO & MD, Prime Bank; Selim RF Hussain, CEO & MD, BRAC Bank;Tanveerul Haque Probal, Managing Director, Building for Future and Former President, REHAB; Hosneara Parvin, General Manager, Business Development, Sheltech; Rejbeen Ahsan, GM, Bproperty were presented on the discussion.

Each participants has conveyed their opinion. Comprehensive policy for housing is the first step. It is certain that contribution of government is playing a huge role. Tax incentive for first time buyers, registration cost, digitization of land records have to planned accordingly. Moreover, as land value is playing great role, government must take proper initiatives. Our problem can be solved by satellite town. However, inappropriate policy and measurements, discontinuities with facilities and communication affect this solution. And last but not least, financing authority plays major role. Without favorable housing loan people will be hardly interested and capable.

Following link has detail discussion.

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