Image Gallery : Rural Bangladesh

Farmers busy in their work

Farmers Busy in Paddy Field 
River, boat and rural Bangladesh (নদী- নৌকা ও বাংলার গ্রাম)

River, Boat and Rural Bangladesh
Fishing - a Common Scene in Rural Bangladesh

Rural People Busy in Fishing
Women engaged in agriculture field

Women’s Involvement in Agriculture
Sand is added to the rice mixture in the hot pot to keep it from sticking to the pot. When the rice is popped, it is poured out into a ceramic container with small holes. The sand passes through the popped rice stays. Surprisingly, the popped rice doesn't have a gritty, sandy taste to it. Hatiandha, Bangladesh.

Women Busy in Harvesting 
 Rural children play in the water when they come to river for bathing. Dhaka, Bangladesh. May 24 2009

Children Playing in Water While Bathing
Duronto cheler dol

Restless Children of Rural Bangladesh 
Mustard Field and  Children

Mastered Field and Children of Rural Bangladesh
 Traditional House form in Rural Bangladesh 1

Traditional Plan for Housing  in  Rural Bangladesh
 Traditional House form of rural Bangladesh

Traditional Housing Form of Rural Areas of Bangladesh
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