Construction activities have been increasing day by day in all over Bangladesh. Size of projects is also becoming larger and involvement of manpower in this sector is very high. Construction technology is also changing, technical knowledge is increasing. Unfortunately, numbers of occupational hazards are also increasing which ideally should have a reverse effect. i.e., the more technology is upgraded the risk factors should have been reduced. It has been observed that our workers are not properly trained about the safe working procedures, even the professionals are found unaware of safety requirements. In recent time some devastating accident occurred in different projects which concerned our citizens. Realizing this crisis, Forum for Physical Development of Bangladesh has arranged a series of Round Table Conferences on “Occupational Safety and Health in Construction Sector” with participation of relevant professionals. The main focus of these Round Table Conferences will be awareness building on construction safety.

Author: Nasira Karim Audhuna, Research Associate, Forum for Physical Development of Bangladesh; Email:

For more and detail description of each conferences please go through the following links

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